1. Orders will be confirmed and fulfilled only with full payment received. Exceptions are orders belonging to approved corporate accounts.
  2. Cancellations are not allowed on the day of delivery. Should there be a cancellation, the cost of the order will be forfeited.



  1. Please supply complete recipient details (name, address and contact number (especially if it is a home delivery)) to ensure timely deliveries.
  2. one red lily flower & hamper will not accept responsibility for late or non-delivery of the flowers and gifts in the following circumstances:
    • 2.1 the recipient of the order is not present at the address given and there is no one else present to receive the delivery on behalf of the recipient.2.2 the address is incorrect.
    • 2.3 the recipient contact number is not provided or an invalid number is given.
  3. one red lily flower & hamper will make at least two (2) attempts to contact the recipient. If the recipient is not at the address given without the knowledge of the customer, or if there is any other reason for non-delivery for which one red lily flower & hamper is not liable, one red lily flower & hamper will enter into correspondence with the customer. For a pre-stated fee, one red lily flower & hamper will arrange to have the order delivered at a later date. In the case of eventual non-delivery, no requests for refund will be entertained due to the perishable nature of the product and the costs involved.
  4. Refusal of any item by the recipient will still be considered as delivered and no refund can be made.
  5. In all cases,one red lily flower & hamper will try their best to deliver according to the requested time. However, in rare cases of late delivery due to circumstances beyond our control, one red lily flower & hamper will not be liable for any claims arising out of such situations.
  6. Non-delivery due to reasons such as natural disasters, actsof God, violent/warlike situations and/or other reasons beyond our control will not be considered as a violation of agreement.

Please note: one red lily flower & hamper shall undertake to deliver the flowers and/or gifts ordered within a reasonable period of the stipulated time frame barring unforeseen circumstances.
During festive seasons (e.g Valentines Day, Mothers Day, Christmas, etc). where there is an unusually greater demand for delivery, we will try to accommodate your timing requests as practically possible. We reserve the right to carry forward the delivery to the next day during festive seasons.

Substitution of Goods

  1. Flowers, Fruits, accompanied Gifts, and Containers may vary due to stock availability and substitutions may be necessary.
  2. one red lily flower & hamper reserves the right to replace these items with another item of a equivalent or higher value.



  1. All charges are in Ringgit Malaysia (RM). The option to view prices in US Dollar (USD) is to be seen as an estimate in comparison only and is based on the now pegged current exchange rate of approximately USD1 = RM3.80). Please consult your local credit card or financial institution for the actual and latest exchange rates.


Payment by Credit Card (online)

  1. one red lily flower & hamper accepts MasterCard and Visa credit card payments through our partner payment gateway provider "Commerce Payment Sdn Bhd" (company number 432551-V). Detailed information of this company can be found on www.commercepayment.com.
  2. Payments made for purchases from one red lily flower & hamper will be reflected in your credit card statements as "CommercePayment.com" . 
  3. Credit card information is held by our partner payment gateway provider and this information is not available to one red lily flower & hamper. Authentication and approval are made in real - time by our partner payment gateway provider through their payment gateway to credit cards acquiring banks. Purchase amount will be debited from your credit card account once the relevant authorities give approval and any dispute arising from this purchase amount must be settled with the bank. All credit card transactions are conducted in the strongest encryption technology available and over secured internet connection. If found guilty, any illegal misuse of credit cards on this store by unauthorised persons will be prosecuted and penalised as per the Malaysian Government Cyberlaws. By buying or purchasing any product in one red lily flower & hamper , you agree to the above payment terms. If you are not completely satisfied or if you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.