florist malaysia madonna lily
Flower Name: Widely known as the Madonna Lily or Easter Lily. A significant flower symbol for Christians and suggests purity. Highly perfumed (strong floral scent).

florist malaysia casablanca florist malaysia stargazer
Flower Name: Oriental Lilies. Also commonly known as White Casablanca Lily (left) and Stargazer Lily (right). Highly perfumed (strong floral scent). Now available in pale creamy yellow (imported).

asiatic florist malaysia asiatic2 florist malaysia
Flower Name: Asiatic Lilies (Tiger Lilies). In Malaysia, only and orange colors are commonly available. Deep maroon… limited availability. These lilies are scent-free.
All year.

Care Tips for the above flowers:
Remove the pollen stamens by pinching / pulling them up out of the flower. This prolongs the flower's life as well. Use sticky-tape (cellophane tape) to remove pollen, not water! Water will fix the stain.

Trivia Facts:
Feng Shui believers hold the lily as an emblem of summer and abundance; to the Chinese, lily means "Forever in love".

Be aware that lilies can be highly poisonous to cats. Owners should be aware of this risk and keep their pets away from them.
Roses make people bloom!

Florist in Malaysia sell more roses than all other flowers put together. The rose is truly the Queen of Flowers. The rose is the best known and is probably the best-loved flower in the world. There are many varieties with varying characteristics such as color, bloom size, fragrance and stem length.

Flower Color: Available in every colour except blue and true black. [ In reality no pure black flowers exist. The so-called black rose is, in fact, very very dark red.] There are over 35 varieties of differing colours and several distinct bloom shapes. In Malaysia - commonly available colors are:

  1. Deep red
  2. Chilly red
  3. Pink
  4. Lemon yellow
  5. Golden yellow
  6. Orange
  7. White (not pure-snow white though, has a very light green-ish tinge),
  8. Lipstick
  9. Two-tone yellow
  10. Brown (rusty color)
  11. Peach & champagne.

Other local roses with limited and less consistent availability are lilac, two-tone red (disco pink).

All year

Care Tips:

  1. Limp roses (ie. The neck is soft and the head droopy) can be revived by standing the flower in a vase of lukewarm water, up to their necks (ie. base of flower head) a cool room.
  2. Cut stems with sharp, clean flower shears. Be careful not to damage stems as this prevents them taking up water effectively.
  3. When placing roses in a vase of water, remove bottom 2/3 of foliage (leaves). Excess foliage below the water level must be removed. If left on the stem, the soggy foliage decomposes, increasing growth of bacteria. The water becomes odorous, while stems and container becomes slimy with bacterial growth. Do keep some leaves on the rose stem - these help hydrate the flower.
  4. Roses last longer in cool temperature. In Malaysia room temperature, roses wilt very quickly.

Have you ever wondered what gives the rose its delicious scent? Tiny perfume glands on the petals of highly scented roses can be seen under the lens of a powerful microscope.

Not surprisingly the Rose has always featured strongly throughout history.

  1. Romans believed white roses grew where the tears of Venus fell, as she mourned the loss of her beloved Adonis. Her son Cupid, stung by a bee, shot arrows in the rose garden. The sting of the arrows became thorns. Venus pricked her foot on a thorn, and the droplets of blood dyed the roses red. A single, full bloom means: I still love you; (Pink) - please believe me; (Red) - love and desire; (Yellow) - infidelity and jealousy [but now often means friendship]; (White and Red together) - unity and warmth of heart.
  2. Until the early 19th century dried rose petals were believed to have mysterious powers. Napoleon gave his officers bags of rose petals to boil in white wine, to cure lead poisoning from bullet wounds. Today, rose water is still used to refresh the hands before a feast or festive greeting, from the Middle East to northern India.
  3. The red rose is the symbol of England and is worn on St George's Day. It is also the symbol of love and is hugely popular on St Valentine's Day, when roses make up the largest proportion of flower sales on this day.

Imported varieties (from China & India) are red, cream, champagne, cherry pink, light pink, brown & lilac.




Gerberas (usually pronounced as JUR-bra)

florist malaysia gerberas

A single stem flower that resembles daisy in shape, with a round centre, surrounded by flat petals. Also known as African Daisies. The Gerbera is a "happy" flower that adds sunny cheer to various designs.

Colour: Gerbera flowers are available in a dazzling array of cheerful colors with either light or dark colored centers (disks). Colors include reds, pinks, oranges, yellows, whites and some bi-colors.

Flower Availability:
All year

Care Tips:

  1. Cleanliness is essential. Gerbera flower stems are extremely sensitive to blockage by debris and bacteria in vase water. For maximum vase life, use clean water and clean disinfected vases. Change vase water every day or 2.
  2. Avoid placing flowers too deep in water. Approximately 1/3 of vase is sufficient.
  3. Gerberas last longer in cool temperature. In humid temperature, it wilts very quickly!

Flower Trivia:
Gerbera flowers are associated with the star sign Leo

Little-known 20 years ago, but now extremely popular and fashionable.